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What Is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is a personalized program to help improve or enhance visual function. How your vision functions affects more than clear eyesight. We engage visual skills every day to understand and connect with the world.

Vision therapy can be a game-changer for kids struggling in school, adults challenged by workplace productivity, and patients managing traumatic brain injuries. Eye Connect Vision Therapy aims to help patients improve their visual abilities and alleviate discomfort caused by vision conditions.

How Does Vision Therapy Work?

Vision therapy is customized to your needs. Like physical therapy or sports training, evidence-based exercises are the core of vision therapy. We use various tools, like specialty lenses, 3D glasses, and filters. At Eye Connect, we incorporate versatile technology in testing and treatment, like HoloLens augmented reality. Patients who’ve never seen depth can experience 3D objects for the first time.

Will Vision Therapy Help

When the brain and eyes work together seamlessly, optimal vision is achieved. Sadly, many children struggle with reading and learning due to undiagnosed vision problems, affecting 25% of individuals. Additionally, approximately 60% of problem learners encounter difficulties stemming from unrecognized vision issues.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to conventional solutions such as glasses, contacts, or surgery. Vision therapy, utilizing exercises, tools, and technology, can effectively retrain vision. Schedule a consultation to determine if vision therapy is right for you. Take our self assessment below to find out more.

Amblyopia Care

Amblyopia (lazy eye) is defined as reduced vision in one eye. Amblyopia is treatable at any age, but early detection and treatment can significantly improve outcomes.

Vision therapy for amblyopia focuses on reducing suppression and improving the abilities of the weaker eye. Exercises may focus on binocular vision activities (both eyes functioning together), spatial skills (hand-eye coordination), and depth perception (stereopsis).

Strabismus Care

Strabismus is the term for eye turn or misalignment, also known as crossed eyes. The aim of vision therapy for strabismus is to teach the brain and nervous system to control the eye muscles. 

Exercises for strabismus may focus on binocular vision (both eyes working together), 3D stereo vision (stereopsis), and pursuits (smoothly following a moving target). Tools can include corrective lenses with or without specialty prism lenses.

Vision & Learning

Over 60% of the brain is involved with visual input and processing. Because vision is such a dominant sense, any condition affecting vision or visual processing can result in learning problems. In fact, 1 in 10 kids has a significant enough visual impairment to impact their learning success.

At Eye Connect, we get to know your kid and their vision needs. Then, we create a personalized plan to support their success, from school work to the visual skills they need to grow throughout their lives.

Brain Injury & Rehabilitation

Kids tend to avoid visual tasks that they feel are frustrating or exhausting, but many adults push through. Adults may find ways to compensate for uncomfortable or poorly performing vision. But brain injuries and neurological conditions can make compensating for daily visual tasks difficult. 

Vision therapy uses a series of evidence-based sensory-motor-perceptual techniques to help improve visual function. Tools may include specialty lenses or graded filters.

Symptoms of Neurological-Related Vision Conditions

About 80–85% of our perception and cognition depend on visual information. Therefore, when the brain experiences trauma or neurological impairment, it can significantly impact visual skills.

Common vision problems associated with neurological conditions include:

  • Blurred or double vision
  • Fatigue or eye strain
  • Reduced concentration ability
  • A tilting sensation or dizziness
  • Trouble shifting focus between distances
  • Difficulty recalling visual information

Specialized Testing

Developing a customized treatment program starts with an in-depth visual system evaluation. We look at your eyes and the eye-brain connection. We use various tools and technologies to test visual skills and abilities, such as:

  • Clinical Eye Tracker – Helps to test eye movements during our binocular vision assessment.
  • Brock String – Offers instant feedback to the participant to judge how well the eyes are working together to focus on an object at various distances.
  • Yoked Prism Glasses and Blazepods – When used in combination with our Blazepods, Yoked Prism Glasses give us the ability to test and improve looking behavior and to measure how long a patient is able to pay attention.
  • Marsden Ball – During Marsden ball exercises, the ball in motion and the patient is asked to perform a variety of tasks, such as calling out the letters they see on the ball. 
  • Pegboard Rotator – A tracking instrument used to test and improve your ability to accurately direct your eyes from one point to another point with ease and efficiency.
  • Aperture Rule – The patient is asked to look through a window in a slide at a series of targets placed at the end of the instrument. Each eye sees a different part of the target, with proper testing and assessment the patient learns to fuse the two images coming in from thier left and right eyes into a single picture.

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